Here are some of my doodles, and sketches that I do for practice or as a warm up before I get into a big project.  I will also sketch out concepts, ideas and layouts for upcoming projects.  I love feedback on what people like or don't like, because these are just the thoughts that raddle around in my head.




This is my favorite work.  I pour my soul and my imagination into these pieces to bring to life new creative ideas.  I am always dreaming up new fantastical scenes or high tech worlds that might one day exist.  Here is where I am able to share that with you. 

This gallery is for work that is more contemporary.  


There are pieces that I have framed and entered into Art Shows in my local area.  I will mark all the prize winners with their awards.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Storyboards & Sequential Art

This Gallery is new and I will be adding more to it as it becomes available to show.  Expect more as the weeks continue!!

Here is the project I am currently trying to focus on:
Dark Space- A calendar project revolving around a star ship and the journey of it's crew over the course of the year.  I will be playing with colors and composition to evoke an emotional journey for the viewer as well as complementing iconic seasonal color schemes.


This Gallery is new and still under construction.  All the images that will be posted here are limited run plate prints, but the process is time consuming and delecate.  Please be patient with these!

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