Friday Night Live Model Drawing #art🎨 #art🌎 #art #art✏ #art❤#artist #artwork #artist4shoutout #art
Studying the art of a master, _kimjunggius. Still got a long way to go
Sketching animals at the San Diego Zoo #art🎨 #art🌎 #art #art✏ #art❤#artist #artwork #artist4shouto
Friday night life Drawing. it's been a crazy week so I haven't been able to do much art so it was go
Life drawing event... Wow, I forgot how hard that was
So this got stuck in my brain just before I fell asleep last night. Had to get it down on paper
I did some quick sketches for some layouts today
A day of study at the LA Natural History Museum
Todays drawing subject 'family portrait'. Figured drawing myself would be lame. Went for a creepy ma
Quick geisha sketch #artist #art #art🎨 #art✏ #artwork #drawing #drawings #sketchbook #sketch
Sketch Layouts for next month's YouTube tutorial
Been working on some mouth shapes lately. These are just doodles but they are good to practice
Drew an angry old guy during lunch
Here are some sketches for a major project I have started... Keep an eye out for more
The next piece of art for my 30day challenge. The subject was favorite place
A small little village scene... Sorry I haven't posted in while... Getting back in the swing of it
I'm doing a Princess Leia picture everyday for the next 7 days to mourn the passing of Carrie Fisher
Day 3 of my #7daysOfMourning #carrieFisher #princessleia
Statue sketching at the Getty Museum.
Working out some ideas for a Ghost in the Shell piece
Worked on some architecture.jpg.jpg.jpg It's harder than you think it will be
Some quick sketches from this week.
Trying to use photo reference to break some bad drawing habits I have picked up
Check out the full image on my Facebook page
Original photo is Riae Suicide
Pencil sketch Assassin's Creed doodles

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